In October 2015, her script ‘The Red’ was the winner of the Screenplay Competition at the San Pedro International Film Festival.


In July 2015, Noam was a finalist in The Beverly Hills Film Festival Competition for her script “The Red”, which was previously a play performed at the Piven Theater Workshop in Chicago in 2014 under the direction of Joyce Piven.

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In August 2015, the script for “The Red” received an ‘Honorable Mention’ at WilliFest’s Screenplay Competition. (WilliFest is also known as Brooklyn‘s Williamsburg International Film Festival).

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In 2016, February the script for “The Red” was nominated at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema LONDON for ‘Best Unproduced Script’.

Official Selection London International Film Festival

In March 2016, the script for “The Red” was also an ‘Official Selection’ at the 2016 Pasadena International Film Festival. Result pending…


In June 2016, the script for “The Red” was a ‘Quarter Finalist’ at the 2016 Austin Revolution Film Festival. Result pending…

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In August 2016, the script for “The Red” was a ‘Preliminary Finalist’ at the 2016 Creative World Awards. Result pending…

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In September 2016, the script for “The Red” was a ‘Semi Finalist’ at the 2016 Denver Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. Result pending…


In September 2016, the script for “The Red” made the ‘Second Round’ of the 2016 Austin Film Festival. Result pending…


In January 2017, her script ‘The Red’ was the winner of the Best Historical Screenplay Competition at the Mediterranean Film Festival Winter Edition.