In development – Film

The Red

Set in Beirut in 1984, The Red explores the early days of Hezbollah through the eyes of a young Arab Christian boy with only one passion in his life – Liverpool FC.

The Ghost Club

Loosely based on a true story, the noted sceptic and famed author Charles Dickens, heads to Cambridge in the 1800s to teach English. After the mysterious death of his new friend Scrooge, he is forced to start believing in the supernatural after his life is now in jeopardy.


Exploring the world of Kabballah and Jewish mysticism, this dark drama follows a euthanasia enthusiast, whose penchant for killing has disturbed the natural order allowing an ancient order to regain their powers and put the world to rights.


Based on Noam’s experiences in LA, Backfat is a comedy of errors and love set in the world of film production and entertainment. When our heroine gets shot, it’s Backfat that saves her life…

Our Favorite Summer

Written by Wendy Bain. In development. ‘Entertaining crime comedy drama that leaves you dreaming of sunny Cornwall.’ With two female leads – Lily (30’s) and Rosie ( 30’s). This is the summer that shapes their future lives and at last they find their true loves …