Noam FriedlanderNoam Friedlander is an author, award-winning script writer, TV reviewer and journalist.

She has written 14 non-fiction books on subjects ranging from sport, religion, entertainment and children’s names as well as having over a decade of experience as a journalist for various broadsheets and magazines.

Since May 2006, Noam has also been working as a script writer and consultant for various TV shows.

In 2008, Noam moved to LA where she worked on various productions before branching out on her own in 2011 to set up her company “Friedlander Films” to develop and produce independent feature films.

In 2015, Noam was a finalist in The Beverly Hills Film Festival Competition for her script “The Red”, which was previously a play performed at the Piven Theater Workshop in Chicago in 2014 under the direction of Joyce Piven.

In August 2015, the script for “The Red” received an ‘Honorable Mention’ at WilliFest’s Screenplay Competition. (WilliFest is also known as Brooklyn‘s Williamsburg International Film Festival).

In October 2015, her script ‘The Red’ was the winner of the Screenplay Competition at the San Pedro International Film Festival.

In 2016, the script for “The Red” was ‘nominated’ at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema LONDON.

In March 2016, the script for “The Red” was also an ‘Official Selection’ at the 2016 Pasadena International Film Festival.

In August 2016, the script for “The Red” was a ‘Preliminary Finalist’ at the 2016 Creative World Awards. The same script was also a ‘second rounder’ at the Austin Film Festival. Finally, in October 2016, “The Red” was a runner-up at the Denver Film Festival.

Due to her prolific writing career, Friedlander is also a member of the Authors Guild, America’s leading advocate for writers’ interests In 2011, Friedlander set up a film production company to champion independent films. She has taken part in a number of ‘story telling’ shows while living in Los Angeles including Anna David‘s show True Tales of Lust and Love and the famed Write Club event at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles.

In June 2017, Noam Friedlander wrote and performed a one-woman show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival at Studio C @ The Asylum Theater. The show, ‘Behind The Pulpit’, explored life as a prominent Rabbi’s daughter which included being babysat by Playboy Bunnies and being taken to concentration camps as a child. It was critically acclaimed and sold out for all of its performances